About Us

Digital Sourcing  is a worldwide cosmetics company pioneering sustainable principles at the forefront of performance-driven e-commerce. In essence; we take social entrepreneurship to the highest level.

For Digital Sourcing, Delivering On Promises is not just an order of business, but a code of ethics to which we commit our company with our heart and soul. That is why Digital Sourcing is among the cosmetics industry’s first 100% digitally born enterprises to fully implement ethical charter standards on labour conditions, environmental impact and consumer satisfaction as part of our over-all corporate social responsibility programme (CSR).

 This enables us to ensure that our millions of consumers in more than 50 markets can enjoy the highest possible quality of cosmetics products at the best market-value prices - with a clean conscience. We call it win-win-win and it is at the centre of our corporate commitment to leave the external environment strengthened by our presence in the market rather than weakened. 


Product development 

Our innovative products are developed by our lead experts who create our own unique formulations. Quality controls are set in place in every single stage of the product development, ensuring 100% safety and ethically correct standards. 

Quality control and our standards are carried throughout the whole supply chain until the product arrives at your door.

»Digital Sourcing envisions a cosmetics market where corporations care to engage in dialogue, take action - and flourish at the same time. Social entrepreneurship is the future and aiming for the future, it is at present our mission is to make Digital Sourcing the world’s premier online cosmetics vendor whilst adhering unpromisingly to our CSR-programme and showing the way to others.«


- Jacob Helleberg Mathiesen, CEO, Digital Sourcing


Consumer satisfaction 

We fight for and support that all internal and external stakeholders in our organisation boasts a similar satisfaction rate on independent review sites such asTrustPilot.comas we pride ourselves upon since inception. If our customers are not happy, chances are that we won’t be either. To ensure our own customer satisfaction rate is kept at an all-time high, we offer exclusively all our customers a 180 days' money-back-guarantee on all products. This is your guarantee that we ourselves always remember to adhere to our motto »Delivering On Promises«.